5 Ways To Lose Customers via Social Media

Social Media provides a remarkable opportunity to enhance the delivery of customer service. It also provides a means by which to fail on an epic scale. Here are 5 ways to fail using social media to provide service:

  1. Don’t provide 24/7 coverage when your product/service is time sensitive.  Kristina Allen wrote a great post about Fandango’s site crash last summer.  Basically, while the site was down and no one could purchase tickets, Fandango was no where to be found when it counted.  They got pilloried on Twitter and FB.
  2. Don’t respond to negative feedback in Social Media.  Most of us know the story of United Breaks Guitars.  It was clever – and damaging.  United’s response was non-existent and eventually inept. To understand how to respond to negative feedback, see Jason Falls great post.
  3. Threaten, lie, swear, and generally go postal on them.  Paul Christoforo of Ocean Marketing did exactly this.  It was an epic fail.  See the story here.
  4. Involve someone else without direct customer contact first.  Price Chopper’s fail is detailed here.
  5. Fail to disclose your affiliation with the company/organization.  Honda’s Crosstour facebook page was inundated with comments criticizing the new car.  A Honda employee started posting positive feedback, without disclosing his employer.  See the story here.

There is a huge opportunity to provide great customer service using Social Media.  But, there is a huge downside risk if you don’t have the right policies, processes and culture in place.



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