SMCX is about customers first and foremost

Social has changed business, including non-profit business–fundamentally and forever.  But, it has not changed the fact that customers are the sole lifeblood of any business.

Because our primary focus is on non-profits, our definition of customers includes donors, supporters, volunteers and staff members.  Everything we discuss is focused on the impact of Social Media on these constituencies, whether directly or indirectly.  After all, any tool, technique or process that can’t answer the “So what?” question probably isn’t worth having or using.


We strive to be both strategic and tactical

Lost in the din of the Social Media buzz is a constant and consistent focus on what it all means for all customer groups.  After all, if you don’t have customers (and donors and volunteers and supporters), you probably don’t have much of a business.

So, even though our title has the words Social Media in it, we are first and foremost business people.  Therefore, what you will find on this site is practical, usable information that goes beyond the “Top Five Tricks for Using (insert here).”  We want to provide you with meaningful strategic and tactical advice on how to most effectively utilize Social Media to positively affect their all your customer groups.


We believe in both the quantitative and qualitative

A lot of business can be boiled down to a math exercise.  But, the problem with the “math view” is that it ignores the fact that customers are most distinctly human.  They have emotions, feelings, needs, wants, hopes and dreams.  They can be both loyal and fickle.  They can be both outrageous supporters and horrible detractors.  Our goal of course is to provide you the information necessary to have a customer comprised of only the former.

We also understand that “feeling good,” like hope, is not a strategy.  Despite the fact that you work for or manage a non-profit,  ROI is a critical component of every business investment.  Social Media is no different.

If you plan and invest in a sustained Social Media effort, it should have a meaningful ROI, measured in real dollars.  Likes, tweets and +’s alone are not a business metric.


We tell the truth

One of the hardest things to hear sometimes is the truth.  When it comes to running a business (non-profit or otherwise) however, it is one of the most valuable services we can provide.  We strive to provide honest information that provides something of value to our readers.  If we offend someone by doing that, we apologize.  However, it will not change our view on why and how we provide information.  We will never hedge or soft-peddle.


We have real business experience – both offline and online

SMCX founder Ray Bryant has more than 20 years experience starting, running and fixing a wide variety of organizations, including several non-profits.  His first involvement with a commercial website dates back to 1995.  Since then he has spent most of his career figuring out ways to make customers happy using technology.  Ray knows what it is like to run multi-million dollar implementation teams and also to sweat a mid-month payroll.  He has pitched companies as national sponsors and pleaded for volunteers. Over the years, he has served clients including HP, Agilent, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, American Express and a major NFL franchise to name a few.  He has also consulted to numerous small to mid-sized organizations looking to make their customer experience world class.  Along the way, he has learned a few things he really likes to share.

Contact Ray at:

rayb – at – socialmediacx.com






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