Why your Company Story Should Drive your Social Media

Humans love good stories.  We love to be caught up in the ebb and flow of the emotion of the tale.  When is the last time you were enthralled by a story like this: Boy meets girl; they fall in love; they get married; they live happily ever after?

No, we like stories that go something like this: Boy meets girl; they fall in love; her family dislikes boy; girl still loves boy; boy gets sick/has an accident/goes to war (put your favorite obstacle here); girl hangs on; boy returns; they get married; they live happily ever after.  These are the stories that people want to read.  These are the stories that grab and hold our attention.

Now, contrast that with the typical company story: look at us; we have an amazing product/service; you should buy it (like other people have); like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter;  we promise you’ll  love it.  Not very exciting.

Great stories have great plots.  Company stories are no different.  They need great plots.  First, it makes your branding consistent when everyone from the CEO to the newest team member understands the story in the 30-second elevator pitch.  Second, a great story will help you define what the company does.  Equally importantly, it will help you define what the company does not do.  A great story will also drive great Social Media efforts.

There are 5 key elements to a great Company Story: Keep Reading…

3 Ways Small Business Should Use Pinterest

Pinterest has been growing. Fast.  According to ComScore, Pinterest hit 10 million unique monthly visitors faster than any site ever (via TechCrunch).  That kind of growth should be a boon for small business owners.  Here are 3 ways to use Pinterest for your small business (and a bonus 1 way to not use it):

1. Capture the Essence of Your Business – If you own a restaurant, pin some really good images of your best and most popular dishes as they would sit on the diner’s table, AND post some cool pictures of place in the establishment that diners might not see (i.e. the cool equipment in the kitchen).  If you organize events, pictures of actual events will give people a visual feel for what they can expect from you.

See: Petal Pushers and Four Seasons – Austin

2. Capture the Culture of Your Business – Pictures of your office or store are a must, especially if much of your business is done online.  Also, pictures of your employees at work, will help humanize your business and give people a sense that they are working with real people and not just a voice and a computer.  Even pictures of your town or city engage Pinners on a real level.

See: Premier Jewelers

3. Capture Product and Service Feedback (Marketing Research) – Type the following into your browser and replace “yourdomain.com” with your own web site: http://pinterest.com/source/”yourdomain.com”.  You’ll probably find out some interesting information on what visitors to your web site find visually interesting.

As with every Social Media channel, the secret is listening and sharing.  Pinterest gives you the opportunity to listen simply by looking at the names of boards where your service/product has been pinned and by seeing how many board followers – “reach” – the pinned item has.  You may also get a sense of the competitive marketplace based on what else is pinned on the boards your product/service shows up on.

Bonus: Do not start throwing up pictures of products on Pinterest.  You’ll seem unorganized and likely appear a bit of a shill.  Plan your efforts with Pinterest just like you would plan any other Social Media effort.  Ready, Fire, Aim won’t work.


Non-Profit Social Media Success – Step 3

Web site?  Check.  Social Media Strategy (and implementation)?  Check.  Now what?

Now you need to consider Web 3.0 — the mobile web.  If you are a power user of your iphone or android phone, much of this may seem a bit elementary.  If not, then it may seem overwhelming.  Either way it is absolutely necessary that you have a mobile strategy and execute to it.  Morgan Stanley predicts that by 2015, mobile browser use will surpass desktop use.  That means that your supporters, donors, voluteers and participants will be online and will expect you to meet them where they are, not vice versa. So, what can you do?  There are 3 basic steps a non-profit can take to make sure they are “appropriately mobile:” Keep Reading…

Non-Profit Social Media Success – Step 2

So you now have your website revamped.  You’ve redesigned your pages.  You’re putting some rocking content out there. And, it’s easy (and maybe even fun) for your supporters to sign-up, donate, etc.  It’s all good.  Where do you go from here?

Now, with your Social Media foundation poured, it’s time to start laying some bricks.  There are a few basic steps you need to take:  Keep Reading...
Keep Reading…

Non-Profit Social Media Success – Step 1

Web sites themselves are not supposed to be “Social Media” per se.  However, a good website is the absolute lynchpin for your success as a non-profit.

A website, by definition is a one-to-many broadcast.  The non-profit decides what information they would like to share with the world, puts it out there and lays out the welcome mat.  But, it’s not quite that easy.  The ROI from using Social Media (the topic of this series) is directly tied to the quality of your website design, the quality of the content you provide and the ease of use for your signup and donation processes–all things provided through your website.

So, what must your website have to make it a successful foundation for your Social Media campaigns?  Three things:  Keep Reading... Keep Reading…

The Two Most Important SM Trends for 2012

 I absolutely love reading all of the year end posts predicting Social Media trends for the next twelve months. Most of those I have seen are written by people who are not only experienced in the space, but have an excellent track record of keeping their finger on the pulse of SM. All of these posts seem to have two important trends in common: 1) Essential Social and 2) Social Commerce. Let’s take a look at each of these: Keep Reading…